Pathways training material  

    Pathways management has passed through many steps related to planning which include clarification and definition of mission, related skills, targeted trainees, their current skills and their targeted skills. The Steering Committee defined the basic skills needed to fill the gab between graduates capabilities and requirements of scientific research and society.  Meanwhile Management built and developed the infrastructure for the project.

Database for trainers and topic details were also prepared, contracts were drafted for preparing texts of defined subject matters and for training venues. Consequently, specialized professors were assigned to prepare and deliver training material aiming at developing the previous skills. The developed training courses are as follows: 

Training Materials


المواد العلمية

C1/1. Planning and Controlling


ك 1/1:  التخطيط والرقابة

C2/1. Systems and Creative Thinking


ك 2/1 التفكير النمطى والإبداعى

C3/1. Research Methods and Writing Research Proposals


ك 3/1 طرق البحث وكتابة المقترحات البحثية

C4/1. Statistical Data Analysis


ك 4/1 التحليل الإحصائى للبيانات

C5/1. Teams and Work Groups


ك 5/1 الفرق والعمل الجماعى

C6/1. Risk Assessment and Risk Management


ك 6/1:  تقييم وإدارة المخاطر

C7/1. Argumentation: Techniques of Measurement and Development


ك 7/1 المحاجة: طرق قياسها وأساليب تنميتها

C8/1. Communication Skills


ك 8/1:  مهارات الاتصال

C9/1. Negotiation Skills


ك 9/1:  مهارات التفاوض

C10/1. Analytical Thinking


ك 10/1 التفكير التحليلى

C11/1. Problem Solving and Decision Making


ك 11/1: حل المشاكل وصنع القرار

C12/1. Stress Management


ك 12/1 إدارة الضغوط

C13/1. Accounting for Management and Decision Making


ك 13/1 المحاسبة للإدارة وصنع القرار

C14/1. Basics of Managerial Economics


ك 14/1 أساسيات الاقتصاد الإدارى

C15/1. Economic Feasibility Studies


ك 15/1: دراسات الجدوى الإقتصادية

C16/1. Health, Safety and Environment


ك 16/1: الصحة والأمن والبيئة

C17/1. Wellness Guidelines: Healthful Life

ppp1,  ppp2


ك 17/1 إرشادات الصحة العامة: حياة صحية

C18/1. Basic Arabic Language Skills for Scientific Writing


ك 18/1: القواعد اللغوية الأساسية للكتابة العلمية

C19/1. General Lectures Directory


ك 19/1 دليل المحاضرات العامة

C20/1. Enhancement of Research Skills Graduation Projects Directory


ك 20/1: دليل مشروعات التخرج من برنامج "تنمية مهارات البحث العلمى"