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A Unified Approach to Classical and Quantum Mechanics using Complexity Theory

         The Center for Advancement of Post-Graduate Studies and Research in Engineering Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University (CAPSCU) has organized a seminar, on Sunday the 22nd of December 2002 in cooperation with the Mechanical Design and Production Department (MDP). A general lecture was presented by Prof. Mohamed S. El Naschie at the lecture hall of the social club at the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University. Dr. El Naschie's presentation was titled "A Unified Approach to Classical and Quantum Mechanics using Complexity Theory".

Dr. El Naschie is a visiting Prof. at Surry University, England, Frankfort University, Germany, Cairo University and Mansoura University, Egypt. He has published more than 400 hundred papers in Applied Mechanics, Mathematics, Physics, Nuclear Engineering, Nanotechnology, and Quantum Mechanics. He has also originated a theory for unifying the basic energy as a generalization of the relativity theory of Albert Einstein which is considered as a distinguished contribution for serving humanity.

It is worth mentioning that Dr. El Naschie was born in Cairo, Egypt at 1943 and get the Dip. Eng. from Hanover University, Germany at 1968 and the Ph.D. in Applied Mechanics from London University at 1974. He is a member in several remarkable Scientific Societies and the editorial boards of a number of international journals.

He has founded and is the editor in chief of the international journal of "Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Sciences, Nanotechnology and Quantum Technology". Dr. El Naschie has been granted several international awards the latest of which was granted from Germany and India. He has also been granted an award for distinguished steering in science and Technology from the United States. He has been recently nominated for the Nobel Prize in Physics.

More than 200 postgraduate students and college staff members as well as several guests from the Faculties of Engineering, Faculties of Science and Research Institutes have attended the interesting lecture of
Dr. El Naschie