CAPSCU Continuous Engineering Education and Training


CAPSCU offers continuous engineering education services to practicing engineers and technical staff in almost all-engineering disciplines. The training is conducted by CAPSCU consultants and is usually at the client site. Training courses can also be tailored to meet certain technologies when required. The following are representative lists of the most frequently run training courses. The courses are conducted mainly On-Company-Site or at the premises of the Faculty of Engineering at Giza when laboratory facilities are needed. The courses cover the areas of Mechanical Power Engineering, Finite Elements and Computer Applications, Hydraulic Control Systems, Vibrations, Machine Design, Materials and Failure Analysis, Pressure Vessel and Piping Systems, Project Planning and Policies, Metallurgical Engineering, Electrical and Control Engineering, Gas and Oil Engineering.  A sample of CAPSCU Training Activities are listed below:


                    Training programs to many national and international organizations

                    Skills Upgrading for Industrial School Teachers

                    Monitoring of Vocational Training

                    SDP M&E Project

                    Pathways to Higher Education (PHE/EG)