Representative List of Training Programs

Quick lunch [ IECEAC- EE -ME - MMT - PCE - ENE ]

IE: Industrial Engineering

1.       ARENA: Simulation, Modeling, Analysis with Applications

2.       Inspection and Testing Codes in Engineering and Metallurgical Industries

3.       MINITAB: Statistical Analysis and Statistical Process Control with Applications

4.       Planning of Maintenance Operations

5.       Project Planning and Management

6.       Project Planning and Monitoring

7.       Project Planning via Primavera

8.       Quality and Productivity


CE: Civil Engineering

1.          Applications of Geographic Information Systems

2.          Applied Finite Element Analysis using MARC Program

3.          Bidding Documents for Buildings and Constructions

4.          Computer Aided Design for Structural Engineers

5.          Design of Concrete Structures

6.          Management of Water Projects

7.          Management Systems for Building and Structures

8.          Operation and Maintenance of Dams

9.          Quality Control and Inspection in Construction Sights

10.     Selection, Specifications and Testing of Building Materials


11.    المستندات التعاقدية وترسيه عطاءات المباني
12.    التحكم وضبط جودة التشييد والتفتيش في المواقع
13.    مواد البناء (الاختيار الأمثل والمواصفات والفحوصات)
14.    أنظمة صيانة المباني والمنشآت
15.    حساب الكميات والمواد
16.    التصميم والمراجعة الإنشائية

AC: Automatic Control Engineering

1.             Automation Systems: Introduction to DCS and SCADA systems and Application to Oil and Gas Industry
2.             Automation Systems: Introduction to PLC and Application to Oil and Gas Industry
3.             Basic Principles of Instrumentation Measurements and Control Systems

4.             Computer Control Networks and Communications

5.             Hydraulic Components and Circuits for Steel Mill Equipment

6.             Hydraulic Components and Circuits in Steel Mills

7.             Hydraulic Control Systems

8.             Hydraulic Control Systems for Steel Making Equipment

9.             Hydraulic Drives and Control Systems: Basics and Fundamentals

10.       Hydraulics Applications to Oil and Gas Equipment

11.       Instrumentation and Automatic Control

12.       Introduction to Automation and Process Control
13.       Introduction to Man-Machine Interface Programming
14.       MATLAB Software: Applications in Simulation of Control Systems

15.       Pneumatic Control Systems Components

16.       Principles of Measurement and Control System

17.       Process Control Elements

EE: Electrical Engineering

1.             Basic Electrical Measurements and Industrial Electronics
2.             Electric Motors: Principles and Characteristics
3.             Electronic Circuit Design

4.             Energy Planning and Policy Analysis

5.             Industrial Power Electronics

6.             Maintenance of Lighting Equipment and Electrical Transformers

7.             Motors Switchgears

8.             Repair of Printed Circuits

9.             Transformers

ME: Mechanical Engineering

1.             ABAQUS: An Introduction to Finite Elements

2.             Air and Gas Compressors

3.             Air Conditioning Equipment

4.             Air-Conditioning Load Estimation

5.             Applications of Design Codes and Standards

6.             AutoCAD (2-D & 3-D)

7.             Automatic Transmission Systems

8.             Balancing of Rotating Machinery

9.             CNC Programming

10.       Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing of Moulds and Dies

11.       COSMOS: Finite Element Applications in Engineering Design

12.       Design and Operation of Pipelines

13.       Design of Automotive Air-Conditioning Systems

14.       Design, Making and Maintenance of Die-Casting Dies

15.       Design, Making and Maintenance of Sheet Metal Forming Dies

16.       Design, Making and Maintenance of Thermoplastics Injection Moulds

17.       Dynamics of Reciprocating Machinery

18.       Engine Testing for Performance and Emissions

19.       Failure Analysis of Mechanical Systems: Fundamentals and Case Studies

20.       Fans for Ventilation System

21.       Finite Element Technique: Theory and Applications

22.       Fundamentals of Engine Maintenance

23.       Fundamentals of Internal Combustion Engines (ICE)

24.       Fundamentals of Mechatronics

25.       Fundamentals of Stress Analysis

26.       Gas Turbines: Fundamentals, Performance and Operation

27.       Gearbox Design Review

28.       Heat Exchangers

29.       Heat-Exchange Equipment in Thermal Electric-Power Stations

30.       Hydraulic Oil Seals and Preventive Maintenance of Hydraulic Systems

31.       Machine Alignment and Couplings

32.       Management of Mould and Die Maintenance System

33.       Metal Removal Techniques

34.       Modern Trends in Internal Combustion Engines (ICE)

35.       Non-Destructive Testing Techniques

36.       Oils, Lubricants and Greases

37.       Photoshop Programming

38.       Practical Applications of Unigraphics (PAU)

39.       Precision Measurements, Fits and Tolerances

40.       Prevention and Analysis of Mechanical Failures

41.       Preventive Maintenance of Rotating  Machinery Using Vibration Analysis

42.       Properties and Testing of Engineering  Materials

43.       Proportional and Servo Hydraulic Systems

44.       Pump Technology: Fundamentals, Performance and Operation

45.       Pumping Systems: Performance, Operation  and Troubleshooting

46.       Robotics Technology: Principles and Industrial Applications

47.       Selection and Operation of Pumps for Petroleum Industry

48.       Sheet Metal Progressive Die Design

49.       Solar Energy Applications

50.       Steam Generators

51.       Steam Turbines: Performance, Operation and Maintenance

52.       Structural Design and Analysis of Piping Systems

53.       Tolerances, Fits and Precision Measurements

54.       Unigraphics Programming with Application in Engineering Drawing

55.       Units, Design Codes and Specifications

56.       Vehicles Automatic Transmission: Service and Diagnosis

57.       Ventilation

58.       Vibration Analysis of Piping Systems

59.       Vibration Analysis: Measurement and Control

60.       Vibration of Rotating Machinery

61.       Water Desalination and Reuse

62.       Water Hammer: Fundamentals and Applications


MMT:  Material and Metallurgical Engineering

1.             Basics of Iron and Steel making

2.             Basics of Physical Metallurgy

3.             Cathodic Protection CP of Pipe Line

4.             Certification of Welding Inspectors

5.             Cleanness & Handling of Oil

6.             Continuous Casting Technology

7.             Corrosion and Corrosion Control

8.             Corrosion in Industry and Protection Methods

9.             Design of Vertical Deep Well Pumps

10.       Earring and Drawability in Aluminum Sheets

11.       Fundamentals of Metallurgy and Rolling Practice

12.       Fundamentals of physical Metallurgy

13.       Heat Treatment (HT) and Selection of Steels

14.       Mass and Energy Balance in Process Engineering

15.       Mass Balance and Ladle Treatment

16.       Metallography of Steel

17.       Metallurgical Failures in Boilers: Analysis and Prevention

18.       Non-Destructive Testing Techniques: Magnetic Particle Tests (MT)

19.       Non-Destructive Testing Techniques: Penetration Tests (PT)

20.       Non-Destructive Testing Techniques: Radiographic Tests (RT)

21.       Non-Destructive Testing Techniques: Ultrasonic Tests (UT)

22.       Physical Metallurgy and Heat Treatment of Steel

23.       Physical Metallurgy for Steel Making Technicians

24.       Rolling Technology in Steel Mills: Theory and Practice

25.       Steel Making Technology for Technicians

26.       Welding Technology, Quality Assurance, Control and  Inspection

PCE: Petro-Chemical Engineering

1.             Artificial Lift Technology

2.             Computer Applications in Petroleum Engineering

3.             Drilling Problems & Drilling Optimization

4.             Enhanced Oil Recovery

5.             Gas Production Operations

6.             Gas Reservoir Engineering

7.             Natural Gas Processing

8.             Natural Gas Reservoir Management

9.             Oil and Gas Well Testing

10.       Pilot Simulation Study

11.       Practical Reservoir Engineering

12.       Reservoir Simulation

13.       Well Completion and Work Over Operations

14.       Well Control and Blowout Prevention

15.       Well Test Analysis

ENE: Environmental Engineering

1.             Control of Air Pollution from Vehicles and Power Stations

2.             Control of Water Quality

3.             Environmental Assessment of Industrial Enterprises

4.             Environmental Measurements in Air and Evaluation of Emission Levels
5.             Management and Treatment of Hazardous Medical Waste (HMW)


6.             التفتيش البيئي على المنشآت الصناعية
7.             تقييم الأثر البيئي للمشروعات الصناعية
8.             تقييم المنشآت الصناعية في المجال البيئي
9.             تلوث الماء وقياساته البيئية
10.        تلوث الهواء وقياساته البيئية
11.        القياسات البيئية للمخلفات
12.        المراجعة البيئية
13.        معالجة النفايات والقمامات في المدن