Representative List of Projects


Environment / Chemical / Mechanical Engineering projects:

        A study of wind movement patterns around the sphinx

        Analysis and evaluation of gases emitted from cement kilns

        Assessment of an upgrading study for a sodium sulphate plant

        Assessment of proposed equipment for gold extraction mine

        Assessment of technical offers for Magnesium Sulphate plant

        Assessment of the efficiency of a steam boiler

        Comparison between characteristics of three types of steam boilers

        Comparison of water-cooled versus air-cooled A/C systems

        Computer simulation of wind movement around a high tower building

        Design of salt water filters

        Development of an aluminum reduction cell

        Electromechanical design of utilities for hospital buildings

        Environmental audit of a petrochemical company

        Environmental impact assessment of an ammonia (urea fertilizer plants)

        Evaluation of a technical feasibility study for a special salt project

        Evaluation of combustion gases in an annealing furnace 

        Evaluation of environmental upgrading plans for a casting company

        Evaluation of feasibility for a dry salt project

        Improving occupational environment in a dyers and finishers industry

        Performance evaluation of recrystalizers heat exchangers system

        Performance evaluation of spherical pressure vessels 

        Process and mechanical design of an ethyl alcohol plant

        Technical consultations on specification of a Titanium heat exchanger

        Testing of insulation in household water heaters


Mechanical Design and Failure Analysis Projects:

        Analysis of thermal stresses in aluminum reduction cells

        Assessment of pressure carrying capacities of risers on offshore platforms

        Composite material behavior under impact loads

        Consultation in quality assurance of household products

        Design and fabrication of incinerators of various capacities

        Design calculation and compression test on upright for storage system

        Design calculation and test results on uprights of a storage system

        Design improvement of 200 HP Diesel tractor

        Design of a 200 m3 water storage tank 

        Design of a green sand shaker in a casting production line

        Design of a number of belt conveyors for wheat transport

        Design of a washing line in a radiator fabrication line

        Design of hydraulic circuits for 400 ton hydraulic press

        Design of hydraulic circuits for a heat treatment furnace

         Design of hydraulic circuits for a pipe testing machine

         Design of hydrostatic test equipment on pipe components

         Dynamic and static analysis of a bus structure using FEM

         Failure analysis and design evaluation of a dry batch mixer

         Failure analysis and design evaluation of a family of cement silos

         Failure analysis of a belt conveyor

         Failure analysis of a steam turbine

         Failure analysis of an extrusion press

         Failure analysis of ball valves for an oil pipeline

         Failure analysis of damaged Waukesha gas engine

         Failure analysis of fractured studs on an offshore platform

         Failure analysis of the explosion of risers on an offshore platform

         Failure analysis of tower crane used for material handling during construction of high tower buildings

         Failure diagnosis of gear reducers of bucket elevator conveyors

         Failure diagnosis of the gear box of a bucket elevator

         Fault diagnosis in the gear box of a steam turbine

         Inspection and assessment of steel structure and process piping of a drilling platform following a fire incident

         Investigation of a gearbox and failure diagnosis of its oil thrower

         Investigations of an explosion of an acetylene pipeline

         Maintenance of electronic equipment

         Measurement of noise and vibration in a pressure reduction LPG station

         Modernization of control systems on a pipe making firm

         Provision of consultations required for commissioning of a rice mill

         Quality control and testing of adhesive tapes for electrical insulation

         Stress analysis in cathode structures of aluminum reduction cells

         Stress analysis in crude oil and solar pipelines

         Stress analysis in pressure vessel components

         Stress analysis in sugar production equipment

         Stress analysis of baskets of sugar centrifuges

         Technical feasibility study for a toy factory

         Testing of hardness and assessment of balancing of wheat milling rolls

         Tests of compressed oxygen cylinders

         Why a DHS did not function during an fermural fracture surgery


Metallurgical Engineering Projects:

        A study of national need for special steels

        A study on purification of iron ore

        A study on weld ability of some stainless steel grades

        Adherence of outer zinc layer to ductile cast iron pipes

        Assessment of hardness distribution in HAZ in pipes operating an environment rich with H2S to determine susceptibility to SCC

        Assessment of offers for supply of gold ore dressing and  leaching

        Assessment of proposed equipment for gold extraction mine

        Cathodic protection plans of pipe lines

        Corrosion control in equipment of an offshore oil field

        Development of quality control equipment for carbon ramming paste

        Failure analysis of a corroded gas separator end of an oil well

        Failure analysis of a heat resisting cast steel tubes

        Failure analysis of ball valves in an oil company

        Failure analysis of damaged sea lines for oil and  water injection in an oil field

        Failure analysis of drive system of a GMC car

        Failure analysis of production tubing of an oil well

        Failure analysis of tubing-coupling threads in drilling tubes of an oil field

        Failure analysis on rupture of pipe line for transport of crude oil

        Failure analysis report on rupture of a manual spanner

        Failure investigations of natural gas piping at a steel mill

        Inspection of casting of various shapes

        Mechanical and metallurgical properties of a stainless steel bands

        Mechanical properties and microstructure of 3 types of gun steel

        Microstructure and scale formation on reinforcing steel bars

        Quality report on DN 600 ductile iron and fittings

        Suitability of local steel pipes for inner-city natural gas transport

        Testing of stainless steel holders, pipe specimens, wire ropes etc.

        Tests on irrigation PVC pipes

        Tests on samples of copper, steel pipes

Industrial Engineering and Engineering Economy Projects:

        Curriculum design for the high institute of industrial engineering

        Economic and technical assessment of projects as required by national banks such as:

        aluminum factory

        reinforcing steel bar mills and steel flats

        paper mill

        battery production line

        metal industries

        refrigeration and food industries

        metal surface treatment equipment

        engineering construction companies

        reinforced concrete factories

        woven products

        agricultural complexes

        wheat mills

        sugar factories

        fiber board wood factories

        Planning and monitoring of aluminum rolling mill project

        Production planning of an aluminum smelter

        Project management for extension  of an Ammonium Nitrate plant


Irrigation and Hydraulics Projects:

        A report on sand washing procedures on a hospital foundation

        Causes of water leakage in the foundation of a large building

        Design and supervision on digging a well in the new valley of Egypt

        Design of Bani-Swaif concrete canal section

        Design of public work network of the New Taba City

        Design of water pumping system for land reclamation

        Determination of possible locations of hydraulic energy in Egypt

        Engineering design of intersection of two water canals

        Evaluation of water resources of certain areas in Sinai Peninsula

        Geophysical study of ground water in Taba City

        Influence of oxide lakes on potable water wells

        Influence of the 1997 storm on protection work against flash floods

        Plans for protection of power stations from flash floods

        Plans for protection of transformer stations from flash floods

        Plans for protection of transmission lines from flash floods

        Preparation of hydrological map for Sinai Peninsula

        Reports on protection of transmission line from flash floods

        Revision of design for water supply network

        Studies on protection from water hammer

        Technical consultations on the effect of water hammer on pipelines

Architectural and Structural Engineering Projects:

        Analysis and tests on concrete slabs

        Architectural design of  hospital buildings

        Architectural design of a weaving firm

        Design of a pipeline underneath Suez Canal

        Design of a service building at the National Research Center

        Design of a walk-way bridge

        Evaluation of the concrete foundation of a coke oven battery

        Inspection of steel structure for a steel mill plant

        On-The-Job training in the design of concrete structures