Leonardo Power Quality Initiative (LPQI)

European Copper Institute (ECI), Belgium, is co-ordinating a pan-European power quality campaign, to promote good practice installation for power quality and EMC and to provide adult education to professionals working in this area. ECI is leading a European power quality initiative (LPQI), consisting of more than 80 partners, which has been set up by 2 contracts under the LEONARDO programme of the European Commission.


Faculty of Engineering, the 86th partner, will participate to LPQI in Egypt, the 32nd country where LPQI is active, with following activities through CAPSCU:


-         Organising dissemination on power quality problems, causes and solutions through seminars, and short courses.

-         Setting up e-learning programmes leading to certification, using the LEONARDO training kit.

The topics covered, but not limited to, are:

1-     Harmonics,

2-     Reliability,

3-     Voltage Disturbances,

4-     EMC & Earthing,

5-     Rational Use of Energy,

6-     Distributed Generation & Renewables.

Executive Committee:

Dr. Said Megahed, CAPSCU Director

Dr. Ahmed Zobaa, LPQI Activites Coordinator

Dr. Mohamed Mamdouh Abdel Aziz, Advisory

Dr. Essam El-Din Abou El-Zahab, Member

Dr. Hossam Kamal Yousef, Member


For more details about the seminars and short courses, and e-learning programmes, Please contact CAPSCU.